No one expects to meet their abuser at church.

So opens my story.

My memoir, The American Burka, serves as a real-life prequel to The Handmaid’s Tale: it takes readers inside the world of evangelical fundamentalism in the United States, revealing what’s happening inside churches right now, and how it’s reshaping our politics, our laws, and our elections.

While seemingly independent and fringe, the leaders of the protestant patriarchy have woven an intricate web as they share one mutual goal: male supremacy and dominance while they wage war against the modern culture of the west. And, they can’t achieve it without the woman at their side.

I was once part of the population of invisible, silent women who live under this fundamentalist umbrella that claims “freedom in Christ” without any such freedoms.

When I became old enough to marry, my abusive husband and church pressed me to become ever smaller. I soon had a choice to make: become another murder-suicide headline or find a way to break free. Despite what I was taught about miracles, no one was coming to save me. I had to save myself.

The American Burka is the story of how I turned a light on in the darkness. It’s the story of how I was able to break the spell toxic religion had cast over me and how, one harrowing night, it all came crashing down.

It’s currently in the editing stages and I’m seeking representation now.

Are you longing for freedom and healing from religious trauma and church-sanctioned gender and domestic violence? I’ve created a list of amazing people who have played a part in my journey. You can access it here:

Religious Trauma Resources